About Vanessa

Vanessa Camozzi is a digital media specialist and journalist with expertise in storytelling, brand, social, content growth, and development.

She is passionate about digital strategy, storytelling, branded campaigns, business & entrepreneurship. Vanessa is highly effective at working cross-functionally, building teams, crafting effective messaging, and content creation.

When not working, Vanessa loves to travel, play tennis, practice yoga, watch documentaries, cook, and visit wineries. She has a healthy addiction to podcasts about business & entrepreneurship, personal growth, and all things health and wellness.

Fluent in Spanish and a seasoned traveler, Vanessa has lived and worked in Argentina, England, and Mexico. She received a master's degree in digital media and public affairs from American University and a bachelor’s degree in communication with a Spanish minor from Jacksonville State University. Vanessa earned a full athletic scholarship in Women's Division I tennis, and she is the Women's Doubles 4A Texas State Champion.