Selected for DocuWest Film Festival

Town Of Sun, The Black Tide and Whales

Town Of Sun, The Black Tide and Whales is a short documentary that tells the story of a community and its relationship with the hunting of whales and dolphins. The film takes us to the small coastal town of Taiji; the birthplace of organized whaling in Japan. In this small coastal town surrounded by mountains and the ocean the 3,000 inhabitants of this unique community find themselves struggling to preserve what they consider to be a part of their cultural heritage. But many in the western world consider Taiji's cultures and traditions to be nothing but an excuse for the merciless slaughter of whales and dolphins.

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Published for Infobae

Meet the clowns who offer joy and laughter to ill patients in Buenos Aires. A law was introduced requiring that every public hospital in the city has clown specialists, we follow Lucas, a real estate agent by day and a clown by night. We watch him playfully strolling through the hospital halls with his team of clowns offering patients, both young and old, moments of escape from the difficult, real-life problems they’re facing.


documentary series

This documentary series gives viewers a window into modern China and presents US and international audiences with detailed snapshots about life in China, its economic growth, technology development, and the latest cultural trends. Some of Vanessa's favorite productions include the literary journey of an American writer who wrote a trilogy of books based on his experience living in rural China, a visual cartoon artist who brought her childhood fantasy to life through art, and how the Brazilian martial art form Jujitsu is becoming more mainstream in China.

Love Conquers All

Mike Webster and Ai Ching's story begins with years of traveling back and forth in a long-distance relationship. Fast forward to them now as a married couple and the owners behind “Mike's Pizza” restaurant in Chengdu. Despite spending long days working together at their pizza shop, Mike still wishes there were more hours in the day to be together. Now that’s love.

The Literary Journey of A Writer in China

Michael Meyer arrived in China by chance. After spending more than 10 years in China, he wrote trilogy of books recording his life experiences. His first book "The Last Days of Old Beijing" is being used as a school textbook reading at Beijing University.

The Luxurious Lifestyle of Pets in China

Chinese pet owners are spending billions of dollars on their pets. The pet industry continues to grow in double digits each year. For the majority of pet owners in China, their pets are more like their children. So, these pet parents are only providing the best for their little fur balls. In addition to food and vet care, they spend a lot more on providing a luxury lifestyle for their pets.

Kam Mak - The Artist Behind USPS Chinese Lunar New Year Stamps

The United States Postal Service issues on average 35 stamps per year. Who are the artists behind these miniature artworks? You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his work. Kam Mak presents his Chinese culture and heritage through his designs of the Chinese Lunar New Year stamps. For Kam, it is not only a huge responsibility but a personal mission. This is the story of an immigrant kid who had to leave behind his grandma in Hong Kong to come to America and become a successful artist.