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Each week offers something different: Joining us in the studio we've had all manners of diplomats, scientists, artists, academics, entrepreneurs, and live music performances, plus correspondents regularly dialing in from across the globe. The Typical Mistake team has collaborated with the BBC and Argentine media, collectively speaks 7 languages, and combined has traveled to nearly every country on the planet. But most importantly: we have an ever-expanding base of smart, curious listeners and friends who tune in every week and are ready to swim in new waters.

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Creating His Own Jurassic World

Scientific artist Zhao Chuang has created his own Jurassic World. He is considered one of the world’s best paleoartists and the only one from China. Zhao turned his childhood passion into a successful profession, and his works are now being exhibited in museums and publications worldwide. Zhao Chuang takes us into his space where dinosaurs still roam free.

Rainbow Chamber Singers - Working Long Hours? Sing It Out Loud!

The songs of the Rainbow Chamber Singers have evoked emotions of the young generation in China. Their humorous lyrics touch on working long hours, looking for love, relationship drama, and complicated family reunions during the traditional holiday season. These are just some of the stressful and relatable topics for Chinese millennial's.

A New Generation of Architect

After graduating from Columbia University in New York, Ziyu Zhuang came back to China to set up a China office for famed German Architectural firm, RSAA. His architectural designs have won awards worldwide. He is the best example of the next generation of Chinese architects who implement traditional eastern elegance into new contemporary architectural designs.

NOW Is the Time to Make Changes

The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s largest conservation organization. In this story, Lo Sze Ping, the CEO of WWF China, talks about WWF China’s work on a broad range of conservation programs and the long road ahead to provide support efforts on biodiversity crisis, giant panda conservation, and climate change. He says NOW is the time to make changes.