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NBA All-star and Basketball Legend Bob Dandridge

Bob Dandridge is a four-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA Champion. He burst onto the scene when he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks back in 1969. His success with the Bucks led him to join the Washington Bullets in 1977, where he made history with his team a couple years later-becoming the first professional US sports team to be invited to play in China.

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The Journey of A Foreign War Correspondent

Bill Gentile is an Emmy award-winning journalist, foreign correspondent, and documentary filmmaker, teaching courses in backpack journalism and he even trademarked the term. Bill discusses his career spanning four decades, five continents and nearly every facet of journalism.


What's It Like to Take Care of Panda's For a Living?

The Giant Panda is the Ambassador of Friendship from China to the World. The panda has been the symbol of friendship from China to the United States ever since President Nixon's historic visit back in 1972. Panda diplomacy prevails, and the world just can’t get enough of them. Dr. Brandie Smith oversees the care of three Giant Pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo and gives us insight on what it takes to care of the Giant Panda Bears.


A Cooking Competition with Embassy Chefs 


Embassy chefs from countries all over the world battle it out against each other for a unique cooking competition. Erik Moses, Director of DC Events explains how the event offers the opportunity for people to taste food from all nations in just one night.

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Preserving Our Film Culture and Heritage

Over a hundred years after its birth, film has proven to be more than just a popular form of entertainment, it’s become a collective visual record of history. Eric Schwartz , a copyright lawyer and film advocate explains how his love of film fueled the push for the preservation of old movies. Eric played a key role in connecting the dots that kept the legislation alive and establish the National Film Preservation Foundation.


Mix tapes, Madonna and Making a Difference


DJ Enferno has toured all over the world and worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names including Madonna. From mix tapes, to Madonna, to now making a difference, he's teaching kids the technology to make songs and let their creativity run free.

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Obscure American Wines from Places Like Texas, New York, Michigan and Arizona


Andrew Stover, a certified sommelier discusses why we should try obscure American regional wines from states besides California.

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A Sit Down with Julia Chang Block the First Asian American Ambassador in US History 


Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch is a Chinese American diplomat who rose to become the first Asian American Ambassador in US history and has led an extensive career in international affairs and government service.