Interview 360 Reel 

Interview 360 is a one-on-one talk series exploring areas in science, business, entertainment, history, arts & culture, and sports as well as many others. In the series, Vanessa interviews industry experts, NGO representatives, academic scholars, that share their stories and perspectives. Some of Vanessa’s favorite interviews include talking with a celebrity chef about attaining zero food waste, learning inside stories and fun facts about the adorable Giant Pandas with the Director of Animal Sciences from the Smithsonian National Zoo and chatting with four-time NBA All-star basketball legend Bob Dandridge.

The Bubble Reel

The Bubble is a digital media company that dissects what is happening in Argentina and Latin America by covering current events and analyzing pop and media culture. The Bubble takes on complex topics about Argentina, from politics and sports to the economy and explains them to a wider audience. Vanessa created the series Headlines + Events which she hosted, scripted and produced weekly. She also reported out in the field covering stories about the origin of Matè, how psychoanalysis gained such popularity in Buenos Aires, and what the locals think are the best Alfajores in the city.

Entertainment Host Reel 

Vanessa's Host/Correspondent reel specializing in Celebrity Interviews, Lifestyle & Entertainment. Includes highlights of her work for the CW DC50 TV , DC ON HEELS, ABC WJLA-TV, WUSA *9, COMCAST RCTV, CAPITOL FILE, HGTV, and more.